The Most Advanced Simple Countdown Timer for Windows

Hourglass is the most advanced simple countdown timer for Windows. Just enter a time in just about any format, and hit Enter.

A few years ago, I needed a simple countdown timer utility for Windows. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the options available, so I wrote Orzeszek Timer.

The problem with Orzeszek Timer — other than that no one knew how to spell the name — was that it was too simple. It lacked basic features, such as the ability to pause and resume the timer, change the color of the window, or add a title to differentiate multiple timers.

Introducing Hourglass, the most advanced simple timer for Windows:

Hourglass - The simple countdown timer for Windows

Just like Orzeszek Timer, Hourglass allows you to enter the time to count down in just about any format. But now you can also enter a date or time of day to count down to, rather than just a duration. And, as with Orzeszek Timer, when the timer elapses you’ll be notified with a customizable audible alarm.

The interface is still simple and uncluttered, but now you can set the window color from one of a number of predefined colors — or pick your own. And you can add a title to your timers to help you manage multiple timers.

Hourglass - The simple countdown timer for Windows

Hourglass also supports command line arguments, so it can be automated if you need to do that. Every option that can be set using the graphical user interface can be set using a command line argument.

And, of course, Hourglass is free and open source. You can contribute code on GitHub, or open an issue to report a bug or request a feature.

Find out more and download Hourglass from its website here.

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